Advanced Environmental Septic (AES) Beds

One option available for your on site system is an AES Bed. These beds are excellent for when you have a small site. A traditional soakage bed is essentially a tunnel encased in gravel. Very simple and quite effective. The primary treated water enters the trench and then soaks away, but the water still has solids in it so over time the pores of the soil clog up and the trench doesn’t soak away any more. A replacement is needed.

The benefit of the AES bed is that a septic tank treats the water to a primary level, but the proprietary pipes of the AES system take the treatment up to a secondary level. This means that the water entering the soils is now cleaner and so a smaller footprint is needed and this is excellent for a small site.

The AES Bed can be used with a septic tank, or a worm farm, but there’s no real benefit if you have an aerobic as your treatment system.

The AES Bed offers a flexibility of design unlike others. Beds can be buried which is the case for 99%, but if you have one of those 1% site, then you can mound the bed, or even have an above ground bed. Lots of options and lots of flexibility.

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