Wastewater System Servicing

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Servicing Treatment Plants

All Aerobic sewage treatment systems in South Australia need quarterly servicing to comply with SA Health regulations, but more importantly to make sure they are working properly and producing water that is safe to irrigate. A quarterly maintenance program ensures your aerobic system is always operating in the optimal manner and the water being irrigated is safe for your family.  Some of the brands include:

  • BioCycle
  • RI Treat
  • EnviroCycle
  • Ozzi Kleen
  • Krystel Kleer
  • Fuji Clean
  • Biolytix
  • Super Treat
  • Septek
  • Taylex
  • Nova Clear
  • Sand Filters


biocycle SystemRI Treat

Who can Service a Treatment Plant?

All Treatment systems can only be serviced by qualified wastewater service personnel once they have attended the SA Health approved course. Untrained personnel are not allowed to service any treatment system. You cannot service your system yourself. Legislation changed in April 2013.  Several systems require additional training in order to service them properly.  The Ozzi Kleen needs an additional training course and if a non “Green Card” service technician is servicing your Ozzi Kleen, the warranty may be voided.

When a Service Technician has been SA Health approved, service contractor so quality and professionalism are guaranteed. Our Service Technicians are trained in the SA Health Course “AWTS Servicing and Maintenance”. We take it seriously. This costs us $1,500 and takes 3 days to complete!

We are Ozzi Kleen Green Card Service agents OK101212. This is a 2 day course where we attend the factory and get trained specifically in the servicing of Ozzi Kleens.


For servicing inquiries, please contact Complete Septic and Wastewater Services who may be contacted on 0498 100 200, or completeseptic@internode.on.net