Wastewater Engineer’s Reports

What is the best sewage system for you?

All new on site sewage system installations need a Wastewater Engineer’s, or Land Capability Assessment (LCA) Report to accompany your Council application. They must be prepared by an engineer who is a chartered engineer (CP Eng) experienced in wastewater.

We can help you with any style of system you want, but we are the only consultancy who specialises in aerobic systems. We can help you design the best solution for your house with your needs in mind.

You can find me on the National Engineer’s Register.  Is the guy doing your report here too? (as he should be)

When we do a wastewater report for you we discuss all the options for wastewater disposal with you.  Septic and soakage; Aerobic systems; Advanced Enviro-Septic systems; Worm Farms.  We have an ethical responsibility to help you make the right decision for your situation.

All systems have their pros and cons. In some situations, a passive system is the best solution, in other situations, the active solution is better.  We look at all constraints at the site, be it bores, watercourses, dams, structures, area usage.  We do this before we visit site, yes, we visit site.  We don’t get a graduate engineer to use google maps and then rubber stamp their report.

Just remember that traditional soakage trenches have a limited life. They are not set and forget systems that last forever.  I went through a report of over 3,000 systems and found the following failure rate on soakage trenches.